3 Ways Bad Ducts Can Compromise The Air Quality In Your Home

Maintaining the quality of your home's duct system is essential when it comes to being able to keep a constant and comfortable temperature inside your living space. While most homeowners know that faulty ducts could increase energy usage and make their HVAC system work harder, few take the time to realize how bad ducts could be compromising their indoor air quality. Here are three ways bad ducts could be compromising the quality of the air your family breathes each day.

How To Decide How Many Bathrooms Your New Home Should Have

Making the decision to purchase a plot of land and build your new home from scratch is exciting. However, there are a lot of questions to ask and decisions to be made. For example, how many bathrooms do you want your new home to have? For obvious reasons, this is not the easiest decision to make, as the right answer varies for a lot of reasons. People Use The Bathroom A Lot

3 Things To Do Before Lighting A Fire In An Old Home

When it comes to character and historical architectural details, an older home is the way to go. These homes are often attractive to buyers who are looking for classic styling and a "lived in" feeling. While there are many advantages to purchasing a home that was built decades or even more than a century ago, these homes may require more work and care than newer builds. One feature that many find attractive about older homes is that they often have multiple fireplaces.

Copper Roofing: An Unusual Option That Offers More Benefits Than You Might Expect

These days, metal roofing is becoming quite common, with homes in many climates sporting aluminum and steel roofs. However, there is one metal that may still not be getting the attention it deserves: copper. Roofs made from copper have a very distinct look. They start off a shiny, new-penny color, and develop a gorgeous green patina over time. Aside from looks, however, copper roofs offer a number of other benefits.